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KIYOSHI ART SPACEは2017年夏に六本木に誕生し、現在新宿四谷に拠点を構え、多角的なアプローチで最先鋭のアーティストを世界各地に向けて発信するアートギャラリーです。今まで、日本と中国のコンテンポラリーアートに焦点を絞り、企画展、イベントを開催し、文化・芸術交流事業のコーディネーション、アーカイブ資料の整理や学術的調査研究を行っております。一方、若手新進アーティストの支援プロジェクトを実施し、グローバル情報発信やアートと社会との繋がりを築くように努めております。「アートは自由である」という主旨に沿って、新たな可能性を模索すると同時に、多種多様な価値観とライフスタイルを共有することにつながっていきたいです。

Born in the summer of 2017, in Roppongi, now located in Shinjuku, KIYOSHI ART SPACE has been promoting cutting-edge artists to the world using a multifaceted approach. We hold special exhibitions and events, coordinate art exchange projects, focusing on contemporary art in Japan and China. And also we organize archive materials, and conduct academic research striving to build a connection between art and society. In line with the idea that "art is free," we would like to explore new possibilities and a wide variety of values and lifestyles.


一般社団法人 日中芸術交流協会


JCA is a general incorporated association established in 2018 by SEKITO KIYOSHI, representative of a KIYOSHI ART SPACE. JCA aims to deepen the understanding between Japan and China through artistic and cultural exchanges. As a bridege for cultural exchange between Japan and China, JCA is also conducting supporting program for Chinese artist in Japan. JCA regularly gather outstanding artists from various fields in Japan and overseas to organize events to promote the mutual prosperity of Japan-China art. This association is a gathering place for not only Japanese and Chinese artists but also scholars and researchers who are active in promoting culture in each country's culture and art world.

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